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Name: City of Little Falls

Document Number: 222503

Type: City Ordinances

Description: Ordinance No. 29, Seventh Series; adopted 03/07/2022; eff: 03/27/2022; An Ordinance of the City of Little Falls Amending City Code Chapter 2, Entitled "Administration and General Government", by Amending Section 2.01 Entitled "City Council", Paragraph A., Entitled "Ward Boundaries" and Adopting by Reference Little Falls City Code Chapter 1 and Section 1.99, Which Among Other Things Contain Penalty Provisions

Date on Document: Mar 15 2022

Submitter: City of Little Falls

Source: Delegation Status

Term Start Date   - Term End Date: 

File Name: 222503.pdf

File Date: 03/15/2022



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Status Change Date:  Mar 15 2022